luni, 1 septembrie 2008

About me

I am a 15-years-old boy from Romania, a country in the Sotheastern Europe. I live in Constanta, the biggest city in the Romanian Black Sea Coast. I'm studying in the best highschool in Constanta and the fifth highschool in the entire Romania. I am from the 9th grade. My favourite team is Dinamo Bucharest. I'm a Dinamo fan since 2001 and I watch every game of my favourite team. My wish is to take part from the Dinamo team when I'll grow up. Another teams I support are Fiorentina from Italy, Man.United and Liverpool from England and VfB Stuttgart from Germany. I like also the Rap-Hip-hop music, especially Parazitii. I also like R&B and a bit rock'n'roll.That's about me.

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